Who we are

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Katie is a former TV news presenter for Five News, ITN and the BBC. Drawing on her experience in the media and corporate life, she provides services in performance and presentation coaching, facilitating conferences and workshops and speaking that have a high impact on audiences.

She has delivered extensive coaching and conference facilitation work in companies such as Microsoft, Xerox, Gazprom, Continental Tyres, Dixons Group, ACI Worldwide and The Police Federation. She is therefore well-equipped to help people to get to the heart of the matter and communicate clearly in high-pressure situations. Katie enables people to feel at ease, be true to themselves and yet be able to share their messages in a memorable way.

Katie has created a portfolio career in the last few years as she believes there are no more jobs for life. She has co-written a book "And what do you do? 10 steps to creating a Portfolio Career" with Barrie Hopson.

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David specialises in performance coaching for individuals and teams, facilitation and organisational change. His experience in running businesses and educating leaders enables him to help people to build on their strengths in order to raise their performance and deliver results. 

His approach has been described as challenging, motivating and pragmatic. He uses a positive, strengths based approach in his work. He is naturally supportive and encouraging but never shy of asking the tough questions. 

With a calm, thoughtful style, he goes to great lengths to ensure the principles that underpin consistent, high performance at work are understood and made relevant for everyone.

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Mike has spent the past 40 years helping people to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success. His many books include The Strengths Way, The Art of Mentoring, The Super Teams Book, The Strengths Toolbox and Strengths Coaching In 90 Minutes, the latter co-authored with Sue Moore.

He also founded The Strengths Foundation. This aims to share the strengths way of enabling people, teams and organisations to achieve ongoing success.

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Dr Barrie Hopson’s current portfolio career includes… chairman of Axia Interactive Media, director of Live Happier, writer, presenter, consultant and chair of his local community association. He has a long history of involvement in the area of career development having established the Counselling and Career Development Unit at Leeds University in 1976 and subsequently went on to found Lifeskills International.

A fellow of the British Psychological Society he has written 40 books including the bestselling 12 Steps to Success through Service, The Lifeskills Teaching Programmes , Build Your Own Rainbow, and The Rainbow Years: the Pluses of Being 50+.