For Teams

Group Facilitation

Does your group need help in keeping their meetings productive and on track?
Do you really tackle the key issues and act to deliver success?
Do you optimise the individual strengths in the group?

Our facilitation team can help you to run your group gatherings and ensure that valuable time is not wasted when key people get together, by:

  • keeping the group focused on the meeting objectives
  • providing a ‘safe environment’ in which individuals can make their best contribution
  • bringing energy and direction
  • providing a balanced view
  • delivering clear follow-up actions
  • helping the group to build on its strengths
  • serving the needs of the group as progress is made

Team Coaching

How can you build on your peoples' strengths? How can you coordinate their talents? How can you find creative solutions to challenges in the team?
Talent Network can provide coaching, facilitation and learning materials that enable people to continue to build high performing teams. We provide a framework and practical tools that people can use to:

  • set up the team to succeed.
  • build on people's individual and collective strengths.
  • ensure people are committed to achieving specific goals.
  • enable people to deliver star performances.
  • anticipate potential difficulties and find solutions.
  • ensure that the team delivers success

The Leadership Challenge Workshop

The Leadership Challenge™ workshop is an intensive development programme based on the leadership practices required to get extraordinary things done. It strengthens individual's abilities and self-confidence to lead themselves and others in challenging situations.

The workshop material originates from research documented in the award winning book The Leadership Challenge™, by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

This programme helps individuals to build competence and confidence in the five practices identified as being characteristic of world-class leaders, namely:

Modeling the Way
Inspiring a Shared Vision
Challenging the Process
Enabling Others to Act
Encouraging the Heart

Our programmes provide a combination of solid academic research, personal feedback, opportunities to reflect, planning time, practical exercises, examples, case studies, debates, new ideas and committing to take action.

Our workshops build towards practical steps that can be taken away by participants and implemented in the workplace.

All participants undertake the Leadership Practices Inventory™ (LPI), a 360° confidential diagnostic, before attending. This data provides individual participants with the foundation of their personal leadership development agendas.

The Leadership Challenge Workshop can be tailored to run over 1, 2 or 3 days. It can be run on site or off site.