Diagnostic tools

From time to time we use assessment tools within our projects. These are primarily used to help individuals build self-awareness in order to enhance performance at work. However, we find that through the use of these tools we are also able to:

  • raise awareness around style, preference and capabilities
  • open up new avenues for discussion with individuals and teams
  • help people to explore and identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • provide a meaningful and robust framework for providing feedback, goal setting and action planning
  • help individuals to review progress in their performance
  • openly discuss the impact a persons behavior is having on others

The skillful and purposeful collection of meaningful feedback for individuals and teams often serves as a source of motivation, even when participants may at first be reticent and anxious about the process. Where there may at first be resistance to change, feedback through robust, evidence-based instruments promotes mobility in coachees and workshop participants.

We are certified to use the following diagnostic and psychometric tools within our projects: