For Individuals

One to One Coaching

Peak performers are busy people who are often judged on the quality of their decision-making. They are frequently faced by the need to find creative solutions to challenges, such as:

How can we ensure that the business continues to achieve ongoing success?

How can we keep building tomorrow’s business, rather than get continually drawn into fixing today’s business?

How can we ensure that our people take responsibility for building on their strengths and making their best contribution to the business?

People are often able to find their own solutions to these challenges. Sometimes it can help for them to take time out to explore such issues with somebody who does not have an agenda. Talent Network has a number of coaches who have wide experience in working alongside leaders to enable them to build on their strengths and continue to build a successful business. We specialise in Presentation, Performance, Career, and Leadership Coaching.

Presentation Coaching

A New York Times Survey on Social Anxiety placed death third in the list of people's biggest fears. The top two were walking into a room full of strangers and public speaking. Ok that’s the bad news – the good news is great presenters are made not born. Executives are increasingly being asked to address conferences, launch products, talk to the media and motivate staff. They therefore have the opportunity to choose the impression they leave on their audience.

The best results come from working 1:1 or 1:2. This helps people to feel comfortable experimenting with new ideas. Sessions are personalised to meet individual’s specific needs and occasionally filmed to allow them to see how they come across. Honest feedback and tailored tips are given to help develop individual styles. This is important, as most people never see themselves in action or get feedback from a professional presenter. Katie helps people to structure their presentations, create compelling content and deliver a memorable message.

Career Coaching and Dependable Strengths

The traditional thinking is that people learn and grow through their mistakes. In Dependable Strengths, a new process is started: learning from success.

Dependable Strengths is a planned sequence of experiences in which people identify their strengths and talents, uncover hidden potential and become motivated to strive for success. It’s a unique research-based process proven to increase performance, motivation, confidence and help guide career development.

Bernard Haldane created Dependable Strength more than 50 years ago. Its overwhelming success won the attention of Harvard Business School where it went on to become a significant part of its Manual for Alumni Placement.

In 1987 the Centre of Dependable Strengths was created at the University of Washington, Seattle. Today, Dependable Strengths can be found in use throughout the world with schools, colleges and universities, prisons, unemployed workers, churches, social service agencies and major corporations.

Performance Coaching

Being at your best everyday requires a person to understand how their best performance is produced. In the absence of a sophisticated understanding of what determines best performance, output will be unpredictable. People will have good days and bad days or may ‘lose form’ for a period and recovery may be difficult. Performance coaching is about working with the individual to achieve real clarity and high quality thinking. The quality of our thinking is hugely influenced by our emotional state. So effective emotional understanding is crucial to improving thinking and therefore, performance.

Through one to one coaching conversations, individuals make step-by-step improvements in their chosen performance areas. They expand their awareness, cultivate motivation, build confidence, frame opportunities for improvement, and build high performance habits through structured repetition and practice.

Leadership Coaching

We have a number of leadership coaches on our team who are experts at helping leaders to raise their performance through use of the 5 Practices of Leadership model developed by Jim Kouzes and Barrie Posner, and the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI).

The LPI is a 360-degree assessment instrument which we encourage leaders to take as part of their preparation for leadership coaching. It assesses the extent to which they actually use the 5 Practices, so that they can then make plans for improvement.

Coaching can be provided in support of workshop programmes or as a stand-alone service for managers who are looking to develop their personal art of leadership and develop confidence in their ability to bring the 5 Practices to life in their work.