The art of strengths coachingThe Art of Strengths Coaching

The Art of Strengths Coaching is primarily a book for professional practitioners wishing to learn and apply the principles of strengths coaching. It is also an important reference work for anyone wanting to understand the development of strengths coaching within the broader context of management theory and practice. Packed with real life examples, the book continually moves from the concepts to the concrete. It is an invaluable resource for anybody who wants to enable people, teams and organisations to achieve ongoing success.

The Art of Mentoring book coverThe Art of Mentoring, Mike Pegg

Mike's book on the art of mentoring has formed the basis for mentoring programmes in many organisations across the world. It provides a simple yet profound model that can be used by both mentors and mentees to achieve ongoing success.

The Art of Mentoring is both practical and profound. Packed with real-life examples from business and other areas of life, it offers tools that readers can use:

  • To pass-on their knowledge and wisdom
  • To nurture talent
  • To enable people to find creative solutions to challenges

Great mentors offer people a stimulating sanctuary. Balancing the need to be both soul-wise and street-wise, The Art of Mentoring provides a similar service. The book is ideal for leaders, managers, coaches, teachers and knowledge workers. It offers an inspiring guide to enabling people to achiever ongoing success.

The Art of Mentoring has provided the framework for many organisations that have set up mentoring programmes. Simple yet profound, it can be read at many levels. Packed with practical tools, it describes the 'Classic Mentoring' model that can be used to enable mentees to find creative solutions to challenges.

The strengths way book coverThe Strengths Way, Mike Pegg

The Strengths Way, tells stories of real people who have followed their vocation, found the right vehicles and done valuable work.

It is also a source of practical tools and techniques to help others to follow this path in their own ways.

The result of over 40 years' work encouraging people to develop their 'A' talents, the book provides an inspiring compass for people, teams and organisations that want to achieve success.

the rainbow years book coverThe Rainbow Years – the pluses of being 50+, Barrie Hopson (with Mike Scally)

The over 50s living in the UK today are unique. They live longer, have more money, enjoy better health and have more leisure time than any previous generation. But, even with all these advantages, how can they help ensure that this stage of life proves as exciting and fulfilling as it should be?  The Rainbow Years – the pluses of being 50+ aims to help the over 50s do just that. Following on from the highly successful Build Your Own Rainbow, Barrie Hopson and Mike Scally provide a wealth of information, ideas and activities to help the 50+ generation live life the way they want to.
The authors identify the seven key areas of life – Work, Money, Health, Relationships, Learning, Leisure and Spirituality – and provide up-to-date research data, self-assessment activities and exercises as well as signposts to abundant additional resources for each area. Interactive and fun, The Rainbow Years is more than just thought provoking, it is potentially life changing.

The Live Happier Workbook, Barrie Hopson (with Mike Scally)

‘Happiness’ is suddenly on everyone’s lips – even politician’s! But it has been the eternal quest of every generation since the first human beings. How to find it, how to keep it, how to help others find it.
People have sought happiness through wealth, power, success, travel, love and passion, security, adventure, beauty – indeed every aspect of life. All that energy and experience has proved that there are no easy answers, no magic formulas. But what we do have now, to accompany the wisdom of the ages, is modern, scientific evidence from Positive Psychology. We now do have the answers to the questions:

  • “How achievable is happiness?”
  • “What are the components of happier living?”
  • “What are the strengths, attitudes and skills of those who live happy, creative, flourishing lives?
  • “How can we live happier?

We offer these and more in this book.

Wnat what do you? book coverAnd what do you do? Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger

Would you like to find work that uses all your skills and passions? That can help you experience a great work/life blend? And that is flexible enough so you can thrive in difficult economic times?
If your answer is yes, we encourage you to consider a portfolio career essentially doing two or more jobs for different employers.
It begins by reframing work around YOU and playing to your greatest strengths. Part-time, full-time, working for yourself and/or for an organisation, the choice is yours. In the UK, at least a million people are already experiencing the benefits of a portfolio career. In 10 practical steps, this book encourages you to explore another way to find health, happiness and fulfilment in your work.
Welcome to your brilliant new portfolio career...