For Organisations

Hosting Conferences

We help organisations communicate effectively internally and externally, through producing, hosting and facilitating conferences and meetings.

We have recently delivered events with Microsoft, Xerox, Continental Tyres, Dixons Group, Gazprom, The Police Federation and ACI Worldwide. We ensure these events are engaging, connecting large groups with the corporate vision, values and strategy. We also offer advice on script writing and editing speeches.

Internal Mentoring Schemes

Building on the success of our work with individuals within organisations, we have helped a number of companies to implement their own internal mentoring schemes. Successful schemes deliver in the following key result areas:

  • Recruitment practices
  • Employee retention rates
  • Induction of new employees
  • Internal communication
  • Employee motivation
  • Effective leadership skills

Our experience shows that structured internal mentoring programmes are popular with employees as well as employers as they provide a balance between the achievement of organisational goals and individual development.

Where experienced practitioners support the internal mentors in the first instance, key employees develop new skills in the art of mentoring while others gain confidence and understanding, leading to improved performance.

Manager as Coach

When most people come to coaching for the first time they often see it simply as a toolkit for improving the performance of others. We believe that it can be about so much more than this. It can be a way of thinking and being in relation to all of those people who look to us for leadership – individuals, teams and team leaders.

Coaching opportunities present themselves everyday and many managers miss them. In doing so, we make our lives harder by continuing to fix problems for others, coming up with all the answers, and assuming responsibility for things that ought to be dealt with by others. This can fill our work time with other people’s problems and questions. It also undermines the performance of individuals and teams, and restricts their opportunity for learning and growth.

We believe that it is a primary responsibility of the Manager to enable teams and individuals to explore how good they can be by using coaching skills everyday in their work. By getting alongside people and helping them to discover their own recipe for performance we enable them to find more effective solutions to their work challenges. We want to challenge you to recognise coaching opportunities beyond formal one to one interactions that occur from time to time. We see coaching as a critical component within good management practice.