Thought leadership

This page highlights a selection of our projects, past, present and future.

Positive Encourager

This website explores how we can encourage people during our time on the planet. It looks at how we can help people to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success.

People can choose to shape their futures. They can choose to be positive or negative, to help people or hurt people, to take responsibility or avoid responsibility. Each choice has consequences.

The website explores how we can encourage both present and future generations. It provides practical tools that people, teams and organisations can use to continue:

To be positive

To do positive work

To help to build a positive planet

There are many ways to encourage people. This website focuses on the strengths approach to helping individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their picture of success.

Complete Coherence

Our approach to working with leaders, executive teams and multi-national organisations is very bespoke. It is driven by our ability to precisely diagnose the critical issues which, when resolved will cause a significant improvement in performance. Using a range of high definition diagnostic processes we ensure we understand your issues deeply before intevening. Our inteventions integrate the most recent advances from multiple scientific feilds including; complexity theory, human performance, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, team dynamics, organisational development, medical technology and many others.

Leadership Challenge

Leadership Challenge (Europe) is a collaborative venture between all of the accredited Kouzes & Posner Master Facilitators who live and work in the EMEA region. By joining forces, they have provided a single portal for anyone interested in using The Leadership Challenge research, methodology and psychometrics as a development framework.

Our approach turns solid research in to robust information that we use to create the personal appetite for better leadership. It does take practice though. A key part of our methodology is to ensure new behaviours are tried, reviewed and refined.
Our ‘expertise’ is coordinating this effort. Demonstrating the need for leadership, winning over the cynics, matching content to strategic need, developing supportive measures, customising appraisal and reward systems, coaching sponsors / mentors, facilitating learning reviews, holding people accountable for action intentions, measuring bottom line impact etc…

This is our world. We can either do it for you, with you or just make sure you’ve covered all the bases. This service is what differentiates us from the workshop providers.  We are here to ensure your investment in leadership development translates directly in to improved organisational performance.

Portfolio Careers

Would you like to find work that:

• uses all your skills and passions?
• can help you experience a great work/life blend?
• and is flexible enough so you can thrive in difficult economic times?

If so, a Portfolio Career – essentially doing two or more jobs for different employers, could be for you. It begins by reframing work around YOU and playing to your greatest strengths. It’s not an easy option. It’s good if you can multitask. It helps if you can talk easily to people. And it’s important to effectively manage your tasks and your energy.

In the UK at least a million people already have and are experiencing the benefits of a Portfolio Career. In ten practical steps, this book encourages you to explore another way to find health, happiness and fulfilment in your work. Welcome to your brilliant new Portfolio career.......

Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger are co-authors of " And what do you do?" - 10 steps to creating a Portfolio Career”. They also write a portfolio blog.

Live Happier

Live Happier is a partnership combining:

• a long experience of education, writing and publishing people-development materials and courses,
• a commitment to life-long learning, and a belief in making available ‘the tools’ that promote empowerment, self-management and happier lives.
• We combine entrepreneurship with an academic and professional standing and a great respect for and belief in human potential.

The Live Happier team, lead by best selling authors Barrie Hopson and Mike Scally, believe that the science of happiness can make a very significant contribution to enhancing human happiness and want to play a part in that movement.

Leader iD

Leader iD is the award-winning best-selling book by David Pilbeam and co-author Glenn Wallis which helps leaders establish their own leadership identity. Based on more than 20 years’ experience of coaching and developing senior leaders, Leader iD is full of pragmatic advice, practical guidance and helpful insights. Leader iD can help all leaders better discover their leadership profile and be the leader they aspire to.

Who is it for?

While available and useful for any leader, Leader iD is ideal for new, aspiring and developing leaders.

What Results can we expect?

For leaders, the benefits include:

  • Understanding personal leadership style
  • Identifying leadership strengths
  • Identifying areas of future development
  • Personal development plan
  • Increased leadership skills

For the organisation, the benefits include:

  • Greater leadership self-awareness
  • More motivated leaders
  • Improved leadership focus
  • Increased future leader talent pool
  • Contribution to leadership culture.

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